Playground Pros Be Like...

Having a pleasant and stress-free time at the playground is all about being prepared. Leave a bag of these items in your car and you'll never have to leave early in a hurry ever again. In both cases I have two of these, one for the car and one for the house.


Particularly water resistant and at least SPF 50


First Aid Kit
Includes band-aids, alcohol towelettes, and cold packs


Bug & Tick Spray
Sawyer Products were rated the best by Consumer Reports.


Baseball hat
Your standard issue baseball hat that you don't care can if it's left or dirty.


Travel diaper pad and wipes
Plus a few diapers


Nursing cover
These are great if you have an infant too. No need to flash the world if you don't have to!


Old Towel
In case the slides or swings are wet.

Though most playgrounds have a water fountain, they are often broken. We recommend to always BYOW (bring your own water).


Water bottle
This is cheap and great for Moms.


Water bottle
This is great for the kids.

If you are a Nassau County resident, it's worth it for you to get a Leisure Pass. The pass is $25 and good for 3 years. It provides you discounts to pools and beaches (among others) operated by Nassau County Department of Parks, Recreation and Museums.  In general, a Leisure Pass is required of residents 13+ years of age. Once at Wantagh Pool or Cantiague Pool pays for the pass!