Playgrounds, spraygrounds, and pools are a fun way to get Moms and kids out of the house and in the sunshine. Long Island has a multitude of fantastic playgrounds for residents and guests to enjoy.

Wantagh Park Playgrounds

Wantagh Park Playgrounds

There are two distinct playground areas in this park. The main playground is in the front by the entrance and the Marina Playground is at the next parking area. There is also a pool complex with sprayground at the back of the park.

THE FRONT PLAYGROUND has many separate play sections within a fenced area. You'll find a lot of seating in every section. Most sections are the typical ladder, platform, and slide. There are a few tunnels, one train section, and one spider.

Playground is large, not new but maintained. Some sections have sand and some have rubber ground. There are many swings and many slides of all sizes scattered across a long area. There are asphalt pathways intertwined in the playground area, great for bike riding or Mom jogging.

There is almost no shade so bring the sunscreen. The restrooms are close by at the entrance in the parking lot. It's past its prime but still nice and usually empty.

BEST FEATURE: Spider climber and metal twisted slide.

GOOD FOR: Letting the kids run a lot and meeting up with a big group, particularly for lunch or crafting.

YOU SHOULD KNOW: The playground is large and spread out. Kids can run across a long area from section to section so you have to be okay with them relocating or you'll get aggravated. But it's a good thing if you want to tire them out.

Added bonus, drive to the back end of the park for a nice walk around a looped path along the water. There is a gorgeous, far view of Jones Beach.

THE SECOND PLAYGROUND or Marina Playground is on the right side, located just after the tennis courts. It is geared toward little children. Again, you'll find separate sections spread out over a large area. There are small slides, spinning seats, tiny faux rock climbers, and music & mirror dividers. Older siblings might enjoy playing pretend with the fort walls and large ship. They might also like the large concrete landings, which are perfect for roller skating, scootering, or skateboarding.

There are no restrooms here and the ground is very springy rubber. Most of the equipment looks fairly new except for the fort and ship.

BEST FEATURE: Large ship to play pretend pirates.

GOOD FOR: Little kids or even toddlers beginning to walk, particularly if you have an older child who wants to skateboard.

WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW: Park on the left near the BBQ area and walk across the road to the playground. You'll see bright blue tops.


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