Playgrounds, spraygrounds, and pools are a fun way to get Moms and kids out of the house and in the sunshine. Long Island has a multitude of fantastic playgrounds for residents and guests to enjoy.

Tanner Park Playground & Sprayground

Tanner Park Playground & Sprayground

This is a great park at which you could easily spend the entire day. Between the playground, the sprayground, the beach, the boardwalk and pier, and cafe you can mix it up every hour when the kids get antsy. It's free to Town of Babylon residents and $15 for non-residents Monday-Thursday and $25 Friday-Sunday. It's totally worth the fee.

THE LARGE PLAYGROUND is past the entrance booth, first right into the parking lot. It has two play sections and swings. The climbing section has multiple rope lattices and curved poles. The other section has a series of platforms, play diner booth, musical features, and stepping stones.

Restrooms are located within site, near the parking lot. The ground is almost all rubber with some concrete. 

GOOD FOR: Getting hot before going to the sprayground and beach.

BEST FEATURE: The playground is surrounded by gorgeous red roses.  

YOU SHOULD KNOW: The playground is very hot without any shade so bring the sunscreen.

THE SPRAYGROUND can be found past the booth at the second left. Park and walk through the Beach Hut which gives way to a spectacular view of the beach. Follow the boardwalk on the left to the opening to the sprayground.

The sprayground has many sprinklers shooting from the rubber ground and out of mushrooms, a turtle, and other characters. There is a shower tree, kid-controlled water guns, and a large treehouse with spraying barrels and short green slides. There is also a tall, corkscrew water slide. Some spouts were broken at the time of this post but the kids still had fun. The entire area is fenced in with one opening towards the beach.

Here, there are amenities like lounge chairs and a shower to wash off any sand (which is steps away). There are only a few lounge chairs so bring your own chair if you come after 11am. There are a lifeguards sitting by the entrance. There is no shade, so be prepared to be hot and bring the sunscreen. Back at the Beach Hut, there are bathrooms, a bar and cafe, and an ice cream parlor. There is also a nice row of Adirondack chairs in the shade and picnic tables right against the beach.

GOOD FOR: A hot day for kids of all ages.

BEST FEATURE: The middle row of sprinklers which make for great pictures. It's also a few steps from the beach so the kids can go back and forth very easily.

YOU SHOULD KNOW: Kids must be wearing bathing suits to play here. Also, the top of the treehouse is enclosed by a tallish wall and you can't see the kids who go up there until they go down the slide. There isn't much water up there so it's not a huge concern but it can be annoying if your kids hide out up there.


WORTH A LONG DRIVE: Yes and totally worth the fee if you aren't a resident.

ADDRESS380 Baylawn Ave Copiague, NY 11726

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